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Ripple Nectar Collector Replacement Coil

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The Ripple Nectar Collector Replacement Coil is an essential pen vape for wax and concentrates. Whether you started with a pen or a dab rig, this replacement coil offers seamless to use and the ability to enjoy your favorite products without any hassle. This pen comes with a rechargeable battery and a ceramic heating element that helps maintain the perfect temperature for vaping your waxes and oils. The pen also features an interchangeable mouthpiece for easy cleaning.

The pen vape is designed to make vaping more convenient, as it’s lightweight and portable, allowing you to take it anywhere you go. It’s also easy to use, thanks to its one-button operation and its simple design that allows you to quickly assemble it. Plus, its small size makes it easy to store in your pocket or bag when not in use.

The pen comes with an array of temperature settings that can easily be adjusted according to your preference. This allows you to customize the vapor output depending on the type of concentrate or wax that you’re using. You can even increase or decrease the heat if needed so you don’t end up burning your product.

The pen vape’s ceramic heating element is designed to produce clean vapors without any unpleasant tastes or burnt aromas. Additionally, the device heats up quickly and evenly which prevents wasted product due to inconsistent temperatures.

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Pairs great with Lanai Delta 8 and HHC Cartridges.

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