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Strio THCO + Delta 8 (D8) + THCP disposable vape cartridges are filled with the highest quality US-grown industrial hemp-derived THCO + Delta 8 (D8) + THCP, with all-natural hemp-based terpenes added for the ultra-relaxing fun experience you crave!

Platinum OG is just as valuable as the metal for which it is named. One of the “heaviest” strains on the market is this Indica-dominant hybrid. Three strains are said to be the source of Platinum OG: Master Kush, OG Kush, and an unidentified third parentage. Due to the abundance of THC crystals, the flowers are lime green and plump. They also have prominent orange hairs and a platinum coating. This precious strain is a powerful healer because it has a brief, heady onset that turns into a powerful physical sedation, making it suitable for use at night and for relieving pain, stress, or anxiety.

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Platinum OG is a powerful Indica-dominant hybrid strain that has become highly valued over the years for its intense effects and unique terpene profile. The THC variety known as Master Kush was created by combining OG Kush and a third unknown strain. The result is a type of cannabis that typically has high levels of THC crystals, which gives the plant an intense lime-green color and tendency to be hefty in size. It has an incredibly pungent aroma, making it an excellent choice for those who enjoy the smell of their cannabis.

The effects of Platinum OG can be described as strong but balanced, providing users with both physical and mental relief. Upon smoking Platinum OG, users will experience a surge of euphoria that brings with them feelings of happiness and relaxation. Following the ingestion of Platinum OG, there is a physical and psychological high that can alleviate pain, stress, and depression. This effect is heightened by its sedative properties which make it suitable for nighttime use. While Platinum has calming effects on the mind and body, Platinum OG also provides an energy boost which can help with creative thinking and productivity in some users.

Some features include:

Product Name: Strio Blaze Disposable Vape Cartridge
Size: 2.5g
Blend: THCO + Delta 8 (D8) + THCP
Strain: Indica
Flavor: Platinum OG


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