Cartboy Incognito 1g Cart Battery


Want to puff on your favorite 510 cart discreetly? STRIO has you covered. Introducing the Cartboy Incognito, looks like a vape disposable but hides your favorite cart inside.

  • Stylish and discreet vape battery with hidden compartment for your favorite cart
  • Fits most 510 carts (carts NOT included)
  • 320mah, rechargeable with common USB-C charger
  • Magnetic lock to easily snap your cart into place
  • Variable voltage 3.0V (green light) / 3.8V (red light)
  • Over-voltage and short circuit protection
  • Pre-heat function to help prevent clogs
  • 5 distinct colors
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Puff on your favorite 510 vape cart, vape pen, or smoke cart in a battery that looks like a typical vape disposable. Our new Cartboy Incognito cart batteries allow you to smoke on most 510 thread carts via the hidden compartment inside the battery. Simply pull the bottom of the Cartboy and screw in your favorite 510 cartridge, snap it back in with the magnetic lock and start puffing away. Offering a 320mah, fully rechargeable with any USB-C charger vape cart battery.  Strio Cartboy incognito cart batteries offer variable voltage with two settings, 3.0V (green light) and 3.8V (red light). This smart device also offers over-voltage and short-circuit protection. We also included a pre-heat function to warm up your carts the right way and help prevent clogging. Available in 5 distinct colors, the STRIO Cartboy helps you stay incognito.

Some features include:

-Pull the bottom cap to reveal a hidden compartment

-40 minutes to charge fully, approximately 150-180 puffs per charge

-Screw in 510 thread cartridge

-Snap back into place via magnetic lock

*Puff 3 times within 1.5 seconds to change the voltage

**Puff 2 times within 1.5 seconds to pre-heat, we recommend you do this every time.

***Blinking white light means the cart has not seated properly. Please reconnect or try another cart.

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General Specifications

Battery Capacity 320MAH
Battery Discharge Current 3A discharge
Working Voltage 3.0V or 3.8V
Operating temperature -20℃~ 85℃
Resistance 1.0-2.0Ω


Operation Specifications
Pathway Prompt When the atomizer is connected to the battery, the green light will be last for 1 second.
Smoking Draw-active. The corresponding light is on during smoking. The light will turn off when you stop smoking.
Preheating 2 rapid draws in 1.5 seconds to preheat. 4 lights breathing colorfully. Preheat will keep for 15S under constant 1.8V voltage. It will stop preheating if you vape it during preheating.
Adjust voltage 3 rapid draws in 1.5 seconds to change voltage, the factory default voltage is 3.0V
3.0V green light
3.8V is red light
Charging Specifications
Low Battery Prompt When the voltage is lower than 3.2V, 4 red lights flash 5 times to alarm and automatically shut down.
Charging Current 0.5A with overvoltage protection. Does not support smoking or other operation when charging.
Charging Display The 4 red lights keeps on solidly when charging. It turns to green light when fully charged, and the charging current is cut off automatically.
Protection Features
Turn on/off 5 rapid draws to turn on/off the device, the gear light flashes once.
Smoking Time Out Smoking time exceeds 10 seconds, 4 red lights flash 4 times and enter standby state.
Voltage Memory Voltage memory during shutdown and work
Overvoltage Protection PCBA has overvoltage protection
Short circuit protection 4 red lights flash 3 times, and output will be turned off.
No Load 4 white lights flash 2 times.
Power-on Prompt When power on during assembling, the 4 white lights will flash 3 times and then the battery indicator will be displayed for 1 second.
Over Load When the resistance is detected lower than 0.8ohm, 4 white lights flash 5 times and enter the standby status.

Pairs great with Lanai Delta 8 and HHC Cartridges.  Check out all the flavors:


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Additional information


Fire Orange, Mantis Green, Dakar Yellow, Gulf Blue, Ruby Stone, Cosmos Black

Cleaning Instructions


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